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Our RenWeb School Management Software gives you, the busy parent, an opportunity to get more involved in your child’s academic progress and future success – all via the Internet!


RenWeb’s ParentsWeb is a private and secure website that has been set up for our school to allow you to see complete information specific to your child. You can view your child’s grades, attendance, homework and conduct, as well as other useful school information. You can also communicate with teachers and other school staff online whenever necessary. All you need is an Internet-capable computer.


Click on the RenWeb button above and log in as follows:

1. Click the First Time Users tab if you have not logged in to RenWeb before. If you have, skip to Step 5.

2. Enter your email address that you provided to the school.

3. Click the Remember My Email? box if you would like the login screen to automatically populate your email address on subsequent logins. 

4. Click the New User button. You will receive an email containing your password within 3 minutes (to the email address you entered, which must be the same email address that you provided to the school).

5. Click the Parents tab.

6. Enter the password assigned.

7. Click the Parent Login button.


You should now be logged in to the School Information home page of ParentsWeb. To learn more about ParentsWeb, click the Tour the New ParentsWeb button to take a 6-minute video tour.


Please call the school office at (541-686-9145) if you have any problems or questions.


We look forward to your participation. Together we can continue to improve our children’s academic development as well as communication between our school and your home.