• Jared Mlynczyk

Christian Education in an Anything Goes Culture

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

A few years back, I had several conversations with prospective Eugene Christian School families about (ECS) possibility indoctrinating their children with specific biblical beliefs and/or judgmental thinking. The primary concern was if their children, after being enrolled in the school, would become narrow-minded, exclusive, and full of judgment towards others. Perhaps other educational environments would not "push their values" on their students.

Here are two points on this issue:

1. There is no such thing as a 'neutral worldview education'. Every school system and sub-culture tolerates and supports specific beliefs through direct and indirect actions. This is not just what happens in the classroom, but what is generally promoted and permissible in the entire school community, including the Board, administration, staff, students and parents.

2. Christian education exhibits and lives out a particular body of knowledge. This includes, but is not limited to: creation of the world, the nature of the human being, a life of moral excellence, and how to become a good person. (Ask your local public or charter school how your child is to become a good person.) Certainly, there are particulars that need to be discussed (and debated) in each category, but the primary task of the Christian school is to work with families and churches to produce Jesus-following young people and to participate in the world through biblical lenses.

Regardless of religious affiliation, it is clear to see that our society's values, laws, and policies change by the hour. Moreover, each family has to decide how to navigate these changes in and outside of the home.

For those considering Eugene Christian School, there is much more to be discovered than a school upholding "traditional values" for the family, but rather an institution that firmly believes -- and daily attempts to live out -- a particular body of knowledge and way of life. Knowledge gives us the "know-how" and ability to act in truth. Without God's Word (knowledge), we are lost. Malnourished.

What exactly is this way of life? It can be summarized in our journey to seek first the Kingdom of God (the reality of what's going on) and to live righteous lives in our schools, homes and communities. In an anything-goes-culture, one still has to wrestle with the transforming reality of Jesus Christ and compare His worldview and way of life to all of the other available options.

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