• Jared Mlynczyk

Is Christian education worth it?

My wife and I were looking to buy a used truck a few years back and the novice salesman had quite the ABC (always be closing) one-liners.

"What's it worth to you?"

"If I could get it for you at this price, would you do it?"


Unfortunately, the answer was no. It was not worth it. We did, however, receive a complimentary can of Diet Coke in the process.

Christian education is and continues to be a value proposition for parents. Regardless of household income, there exists a cost and benefit analysis for the goods and services being received. This analysis takes place in the present and future years of a child's life.

Could you imagine if Eugene Christian School answered every admissions call or e-mail with a blunt, "HEY, BUDDY! IS THIS WORTH IT TO YOU OR NOT? THIS IS GOD'S SCHOOL!"

Not exactly a way to build relationships, eh?

What is the real cost-value of Christian education?

How much money would a family pay for traveling basketball teams, music lessons, youth camps, Disneyland, and the latest tech for their children? Investing in a college education?

We usually spend for experiences and entertainment. I get it. There's a reason I attend every Oregon men's basketball game that I can. (Have you heard of Payton Pritchard?)

We know through ample studies that a child's character is greatly impacted by the role of the family, mentors in his/her life, targeted skill-building, and leadership opportunities to make a difference in the community.

How much money would you spend if you knew an organization would cultivate the environment for children to put on the character of Christ in their lives? What if there was a medium-to-high probability that your child would be transformed? What if, reflecting back over a 10 year period, you notice that your child has begun to seek God's Kingdom and not his/her own?

Of course, no school, child or family is perfect. We are on the journey together.

But what if your child looked more and more like a Kingdom leader -- a God-created, Spirit-filled, embodied soul that actually becomes the kind of person Jesus said to become?

Would you do it?

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