• Jared Mlynczyk

Private Schools in COVID-19: Nimble, Efficient and Ready to Serve

Here are some conversations I've heard over the past few months:

"Your team did a great job with distance learning."

"I am so thankful that my child was able to keep learning during the closure."

"What Eugene Christian School has done this year doesn't even compare with other schools."

"You are going to have a lot of new student interest at Eugene Christian School."

"I never want to be on another Zoom call again."

Amen, sister.

Praise the Lord for the positive feedback. Kudos to our Board of Directors, teachers, staff, students and parents(!!!) for rallying together as a school community. This COVID-19 season is simply another way for our school to put on Christ and demonstrate His character for all to experience. Granted, this was a very unique test of character and skill. As James 1:12 says, "A man who endures trials is blessed, because when he passes the test he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him."

I am personally so grateful to work with a team that is willing to do whatever is asked of them and then some. I suppose that should be surprising, but such is the nature of a team that is seeking to serve others in the Kingdom of God. It's just in the water. The ECS teachers deserve a ton of praise, and as I mentioned back in an April post, I think we'll soon see a resurgence of gratitude towards educators across our country.

As I take a minute to reflect on what has transpired, I wonder if this season was another opportunity for private schools to show their true colors. Despite parents paying thousands of dollars a year in tuition, many private schools under 500 students operate with minimal resources. Yet, with the resources the Lord has provided, our response at ECS was timely and with quality. Our entire team was asked to innovate and create on the fly.

Certainly, some of this was survival mode for the organization, which is about to enter its 65th year of operation. But as I evaluate the work by our team, I know the heart of it was to deepen relationships and knowledge. This COVID-19 era was used as an opportunity to accelerate learning, not minimize or postpone it due to arbitrary reasons.

Perhaps this has been the nature of our private Christian school all along. Perhaps this is another example of fulfilling our school's mission for students to know Jesus Christ and to demonstrate excellence in academics, moral character and service to others.

Just imagine what this ECS team can do when the students are actually in the building?

Let's continue this posture of service and provide the highest quality educational experience in 2020 regardless of the barriers we may face.

On to the next one.

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