REGISTER For 2022-23


Registration opens January 17, 2022 for current ECS families.  This applies to current students and also gives you an opportunity to add siblings.

Promotional registration period is open from January 17 through February 11.  Registration fees are $250 per student and $625 for a family with 3 or more ECS students during that time.

You will need to access your FACTS/RenWeb account to complete registration.  This annual process ensures we have the most updated household information.






We love siblings!  The process is slightly different from registering your current student.  If you click the "Add Sibling" button, you'll see the steps to do so.  We added a shortcut for step 1 if you want to click here to get started.






If you're adding a sibling, we'll arrange for your family to meet with our principal.  This meeting will give us a chance to connect with you and learn more about your child.  We ask both parents to attend this meeting, if possible.  

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Jeremy Hugo

Head of School

Reach out with any questions!