Admissions FAQ

When do you accept applications?

While we accept applications throughout the school year (space permitting), registration for current families begins in the month of January. Applications for new ECS families are accepted in the month of February. Specific application dates will be posted on the website each school year. Once a class fills, families are placed on a waitlist and notified when a space becomes available.

What is expected of parents?

We market ourselves as a partnership and discipleship school. While we view the school's role as an essential ingredient in a child's development, we do our best work when the school and home are working as a team. ECS does not desire to replace the God-ordained role of parents. To assist with our discipleship mission, parents and children are expected to attend a church or fellowship that aligns with the beliefs and values of ECS. Likewise, parents and school will do a lot of things together: celebrate, worship, communicate, and discuss corrective actions needed when necessary. Parents can also serve the school community in a variety of ways: classroom tutoring, parent-teacher liaison, Parent-Teacher-Fellowship, field trips, coach, and by joining school committees and the Board of Directors.

How do you teach students with a range of abilities?

First, we love to work with students and families that desire Christian education. Our academic model is designed for teachers and instructional assistants to deliver a personalized education where students move at a pace most appropriate to their level. For some that means slowing it down while others need to advance to higher grade level content. However, the local public school district (Eugene 4J) provides special education services for students who qualify. We do not receive funds to provide these resources at ECS. Therefore, students needing 1 on 1 monitoring or who are below the 10 percentile on summative academic tests are generally not ideal candidates for enrollment at ECS. While we have a heart to serve students in this capacity, we will generally refer to particular schools with additional funds to serve your child. For ECS students with moderate or mild learning disabilities, we partner with local organizations to refer students for speech, occuption, physical, individual and family therapy.

How selective is your admissions process?

We admit approximately 80% of new applicants. Since we create time for an informative face-to-face tour and answer questions throughout the process, most families who decide to apply are admitted to ECS or are placed on a waitlist. However, the principal will communicate the final decision after meeting with the family, reviewing any applicable records and/or making reference calls.

How do you determine eligibility for financial aid?

Based upon available funds, our Finance Committee meets reguarly to review financial aid applications. Generally speaking, the monthly tuition payment is determined by household income and size. Typically, the range of financial aid offered is between 10%-35% off tuition. After an application is reviewed by the Committee, the principal will e-mail the family a financial aid award offer.