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6th - 8th Grade



Middle School Electives (Possible Courses):

Band, Spanish, theatre, sports and games, computer programming, film studies, movie and photo design, study lab, classroom and library aide.


Enrichment Class (Possible Courses):

Art, choir, sports, Shakespeare, cooking, leadership, performing arts, media, yearbook, first aid, speech and debate, songwriting, film, and fitness.


Recent field trips:

  • Outdoor School – A three day outdoor experience for grades 6, 7, and 8

  • OMSI field trip

  • East Coast Trip for 8th graders including Washington D.C., Boston and New York City

  • Special community, mission and school service projects

  • Spiritual retreats and Bible Project (Portland)

  • Leadership training and Servanthood and Leadership Teams (SALT Shakers)

  • Mentor group field trips

Eugene Christian Middle School utilizes the Summit Learning Platform as part of its proficiency-based instructional model.  This innovative platform develops 21st century cognitive skills through projects and content knowledge (focus areas) for math, science, and humanities (English/history).  Students spend a part of their day in academic courses assigned by proficiency and join their grade level peers for Bible, mentoring, and electives. 


Within the Summit model, students spend half of their instructional time under direct instruction and the other half in Personalized Learning Time (PLT).  During PLT, students work with teachers and staff in small groups and receiving tutoring to complete math problems, language skills, composition, and more.

As part of the program, your student will be assigned to a mentor teacher who will meet with your student on a weekly basis to review progress and goals set for the week.


All official grades will be kept in RenWeb for Summit courses, Bible, electives and Wednesday enrichment. To become more familiar, review the Summit Learning Platform documents and watch the video below.

Middle School Overview

8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.


Our ECS Middle School offers a wide variety of educational experiences. We have established the following goals, which we would like to see in all students who graduate. We would like them to:

  • Be grounded in their knowledge of faith with the ability to apply biblical knowledge in everyday life situations.

  • Desire to be lifelong learners.

  • Be confident in who they are and have the ability to communicate in both written and oral forms.

  • Have respect for authority and develop a sense of responsibility to others and our community.

  • Use technology proficiently and apply learning and organizational skills to all areas of their lives.


Core Classes Offered Daily:

  • Language Arts

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • History

  • Bible and Mentoring

  • Physical Education (offered twice a week)

  • Daily electives (x2)

  • Wednesday enrichment

  • Weekly chapel


Click on these documents to learn more about the program.

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