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Philosophy of christian education

Christian Worldview

 God is the personal and purposeful Creator and represents the guiding force of the universe. Reality in life involves the understanding that God is real and is active in the lives of men and women today.


All truth is God’s truth. Truth is consistent throughout the universe. Truth exists and is an absolute. God has shown Himself through His Scriptures and man’s understanding of truth comes through a study of the inspired Word of God and an understanding of His creation.


All knowledge must be put in the context of Bible truth. Any knowledge or personal conviction that serves as a guiding principle in an individual’s life must be based on truth as revealed in God’s inspired Word.


Man is created in the spiritual and moral image, or likeness, of God. Man’s essential nature is his freedom to choose to decide for himself what his behavior will be and what he will think, become, and do. Man’s essential freedom of choice is affected by his inherent nature and his environment of both good and evil. Therefore, he is in need of special help to choose good and to find fulfillment in a reconciled life made possible by Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God.

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